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Aquashield SK-22

Aquashield SK-22 is a unique product developed and manufactured by SK formulations. It is a ‘Protective & Decorative’ coating exclusively formulated for exterior walls to protect the structures from leakages & seepages during monsoon and enhance the aesthetical appearance of the structure.

Aquaproof SK-02

Aquaproof SK-02 is exclusively formulated to prevent the leakages & seepages from the upper slab of toilet/ bathroom/ washing area & terrace slab.

PMT (Polymer membrane technology)

Polymer membrane technology (PMT) is an advance form of waterproofing treatment for slab, terrace & sloping roofs of old structures. Membrane is a special type of flexible fabric having specific grain structure with a high polymer absorbing characteristic. The complete soaking on polymer in the flexible membrane ensures an excellent adhesion with the substrate and adds strength to the membrane. Flexibility of membrane absorbs expansion/ contraction of concrete surface without breaking away from the substrate.

Aquaseal SK-04

Aquaseal SK-04 is a crack filling sealant for exterior wall& terrace surface having good strength & Flexibility.

Comparison Chart

Comparison between Brickbat Koba and Aquaproof with PMT


Sr. No.

Brickbat Koba

Aquaproof with PMT technology


Non polymeric, concrete based system

Polymer based system


Highly destructive

Non- destructive


Heavy vibrations due to the breaking of existing koba resulting in the formation of new cracks in the sidewalls and slabs

No damage to other structures during the procedure


Multiple ingredients are required in the specified procedure with critical pre & post treatments.

Single pack system (Polymer coating)
No need of onsite mixing, hence operation friendly.


Number of quality governing factors such as: -

  • • Quality of sand
  • • Sand to cement ratio
  • • Quality of bricks
  • • Laying pattern
  • • Curing

Simple application procedure with negligible chances of a human error.


Mode of action- Bricks absorbs the water before letting it reach the slab.

Mode of action- Aquaproof coating is completely hydrophobic; hence it repels the water and does not allow the water to come into the contact of the surface.


This method substantially increases the load on the building slab; which can in turn result in the weakening of the structure.

There is a negligible increase in the overall load; hence this system does not weaken the structure.


Performance totally depends on human skill as well as the quality of the materials.

The chances of human errors are considerably reduced due to a simple application procedure and due to a guaranteed, standardized material quality.