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Anticorrosive protective coatings
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Anticorrosive protective coatings
Industrial Metal flooring

Anticorrosive protective coatings
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Anticorrosive protective coatings
Industrial Coating

FLOORCOAT is high performance functional floor coating system for industrial & domestic applications. It is based on grafted co polymer technology and excellent alternative for conventional epoxy floorings for unique functional properties like- anti skid/slip flooring, anti static flooring, anti bacterial/hygienic etc.

Product features
  • Excellent Abrasion resistant
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation (also suitable for outdoor applications)
  • Excellent anti Slip & anti skid properties
  • Excellent anti static properties
  • Excellent resistance to chemical
  • Excellent resistance to oil
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties- add on for hygiene flooring
Unique features
  • Single pack ready to use system
  • Fast drying at room temperature - 30 min. to touch dry
  • Applicable by Brush, Spray, Roller
  • Easy rectification and touch up
  • Easy to apply by Roller, brush or spray techniques
  • Quick & convenient
  • Quick drying properties reduces shut down time
  • Applicable on concrete as well as metal surfaces
  • Available in desired colour shades
Recommended Use
  • Industrial floors
  • Car parking area
  • Food and pharma industries floor
  • Electronic industries floor
  • Hospitals and laboratory