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Product Brief

HEATSEAL, a single-pack, high-performance heat insulation coating. It helps to keep interiors cool during hot summers improving comfort levels for individuals and communities. It’s excellent water repellent property makes it an effective waterproofing system for both concrete and metal structures paired with corrosion resistance property.

HEATSEAL is a SINGLE PACK high performance heat insulation coating, with its excellent water repellant properties, HEATSEAL coating acts as an effective waterproofing system for concrete & metal structures

Product Features
  • Single pack ready to use system
  • Fast drying at room temperature – 30 min. to touch dry
  • Self priming- no need of any kind of primer
  • Easy rectification and touch up.
  • Excellent heat insulation properties  (Solar Reflectivity Index [SRI]-107)
  • Excellent water proofing properties
  • Temperature Difference : 10 -15 °C
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, UV Radiation & chemicals
  • Excellent Flexibility and Scratch & Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent aging and weathering resistance

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