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Electric Insulation Coatings
Bus Bars

INSULECT SK-03 is a single component electric insulation coating system designed from Grafted co-polymer technology.

It can be used to impart high electric strength for various electrical applications. INSULECT SK-03 is highly hydrophobic in nature and helps to reduce the leakage currents, resulting into reduction in contamination flashovers.

It offers excellent U. V. radiation resistance coupled with tracking resistance making it perfect for outdoor exposure and in extreme weather conditions.

Electric Insulation Coating
Floor Insulation
Products Features
  • High DI-Electric strength 122 kV/mm
  • Excellent puncture resistant
  • Resistance to Fire
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation (suitable for outdoor Exposure)
  • Excellent resistance to transformer oil
  • Tough and Scratch resistant
  • Available in all shades
Electric Insulation Coatings
Poles & Cross Arms

Prevents flashovers due to tracking & leakage current

Avoids Birds/ animal Fault

Avoids Accidental deaths due to current leakage

Enhances safety of Equipments

Saves Labor & Cost

On site application- Can be applied on any shapes or size

Zero Rework

Electric Insulation Coatings
    Recommended use
  • Busbar in control panels
  • Electric poles & cross arms
  • Ceramic Insulators
  • In front of control panel- Replacement of rubber mats
  • Any current carrying conductors